Topic outline

  • Bonjour et Bienvenue!

    NOTE: This course is a Google Street View mystery making use of conditional activities. To see all the activities and do the course you need to log in with the username student and password moodle, and everything will be revealed bit by bit;-)

    You are a famous French detective known as Brigitte Bordeaux. You have just arrived in the French seaside resort of Hyères to investigate a plot to kill the local mayor, Monsieur Diable. You must find out why people want to kill him, who these people are, and stop them....before it is too late.....

    HYERES (public domain)

  • Orientation

    Go to Google maps and zoom in to Hotel Restaurant La Reine-Jane.  Drag the Street View man to the hotel and start exploring the area!

    • Les premiers indices....

      From your hotel, explore the nearby little roads, the  port, Avenue des Hirondelles and the Boulevard Front de Mer. Then head west along the Boulevard Front de Mer.
      When you see the following, tick the box next to them on this page. Your next mission will then appear!
      HYERES (a second public domain image)
    • Les interviews...

      Restricted Not available unless:
      • The activity The French flag flying is marked complete
      • The activity A house with yellow shutters. This is the house of... is marked complete
      • The activity A sign outside a shop advertising bikes for hire. ... is marked complete
      • The activity A square surrounded by shops. Men are playing boul... is marked complete

      birds' eye view (public domain)